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Our software needs to be installed on a tablet or handheld. With a good tablet or handheld you can work great with Apglos HST and our other software.


There are many kinds of tablets and handhelds. Tablets have bigger screens. When lots of information needs to be shown they have some advantage over handhelds.

Because there are many tablets there are many choices to make. We can advise you. Mail us.



Handhelds are smaller. You can take them easier in the field. The screen is smaller.

As with tablets there are also lots of choices to make before finding the right handheld. Do you need advice? Mail us.


Apglos and tablets and handhelds

Our software runs on both handhelds and tablets. Our software is developed for Android devices. The display of our software changes to the size of the screen.

We can deliver tablets and handhelds with our software.

Do you have any questions? Please ask us.

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