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Apglos HST

Apglos HST is very easy to use software for land surveyment. With this software you can import points to the field and export point from the field. Also you can draw and calculate with this software in the field.

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Apglos HST

Apglos HST has now version 8. The new improvements in version 8 are:

  • Coordinate systems of the USA are added
  • Coordinate system of the Moscow Oblast is added
  • The option of turning on and off info windows on the map is added
  • The option of pairing a Bluetooth device is added
  • The option of sending a file directly from Apglos HST is added
  • The option of having displayed or not deviations and point numbers in the DXF file are added
  • A lock for changing the Ntrip data is added

The improvements of version 7 are:

  • The settings in the configuration screen are divided in categories
  • It is made possible to turn on and off the usability of the GPS of the Android device
  • An option is given to show the coordinates in X, Y and Z
  • Reading 3D polylines from Autocad is added
  • The installation of a new version is made easier.

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