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Tablet holder for rugged tablet to pole



Tablet holder for rugged tablet to pole



The tablet holder is ideal to fasten the rugged tablet to the pole, like a GPS rod.



Tabletholder for rugged tablet to pole

With this tablet holder a rugged tablet can be fastened to a pole, like a GPS rod. When using this holder tablets with a big screen can be used to do land surveying.

The tablet holder exists of three parts with two hinge points:

  • pole clamp
  • arm
  • tablet clamp

Pole clamp of tablet holder

The pole clamp makes sure that the holder can be fastened quickly to a pole. The pole clamp is suitable for tubes with a diameter between 1,6 and 3,8 cm.

Arm of tablet holder

The arm is the connecting piece between the pole clamp and the tablet clamp. The arm makes sure that the tablet can be turned in any desired position. Because of that there can be worked on the tablet in all kinds of ways.

Tablet clamp

The tablet clamp holds the tablet, so that the tablet doesn’t fall out of the holder. With a simple clamp mechanism the tablet can be placed in the tablet clamp. The springs in the clamp hold the tablet tightly.

Measurements tablet

The holde is suitable for tablets with a thickness between 0,5 and 2,7 cm. The height of the tablet has to be smaller dan 21,0 cm. The width of the tablet has to be between 24,0 and 30m0 cm.

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