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Screwable lightweighted antenna pole of 2 m



Screwable lightweighted antenna pole of 2 m



Lightweighted antenna pole exists of two screwable pieces. The length is 2,0 m. It is the ideal GPS rod to do land surveying the whole day.

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Screwable lightweighted antenna pole of 2 m

Ideal antenna pole to do GPS land surveying the whole day. Because of the use of carbon fiber the GPS rod is light, but very strong. The rod is easy to put together and to disassemble because of the 5/8 inch screw-thread. The GPS pole can be assembled and disassembled quickly because of this screw-thread. It also increases the transportability of the GPS rod. The pieces of about 1,0 m long fit very well in any car.

The GPS pole exists of two pole pieces and a pole point. The pole point can also be connected to the GPS rod because of the the 5/8 inch screw thread. The pole point can be replaced by a sand foot or any other type of pole point, depending on the type of land surveying.

The total height of the antenna pole is 2,0 m. This is an ideal height for GPS land surveyment in the field. Because of the common used screw thread the pole pieces can be used as extensions.

Connected to the rod there is a water level connected. This water level makes you able to hold the GPS pole in a perfect verticular position, so that measurements can be done with heigh accuracy.

The GPS pole is delivered in a nice storage cover. Because of the storage cover the pole can be easily taken into the field and damages to the rod will be prevented.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 110 × 20 × 20 cm


Extension method

Lengte in m



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