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Apglos Survey Wizard is great survey software. It is a measurement app. But it is also a GIS application. You can do a lot with this android app. You can do GIS mapping and GIS survey. Other users also use it for land surveying.

Free measurement app

Apglos Survey Wizard is free for the first 30 days. You can download it from the Google Play store and check alle the functionality in it.


It is a great way to find out how many possibilities Apglos Survey Wizard has.

Land survey app or measurement app

With Apglos Survey Wizard you can do land surveying or measure in the field. This land survey app has a small amount of buttons with simple icons, but it is great for field data collection.

You can collect data of points, lines, arcs and polylines in the field. Also you can land survey areas. Besides that there is the possibility to add comments and symbols to the exported drawing file.


Land survey app using AutoCAD layers

Apglos Survey Wizard uses AutoCAD layers. The layer name gives information about the type of the entity. In Apglos Survey Wizard you can change the name, the color, the line type and the line weight of the layer. This makes it very compatible with drafting and designing software like AutoCAD en Microstation.

AutoCAD blocks can be used as symbols and when you use them in Apglos Survey Wizard you can see them drawn in the exported file. You can use all the attributes of the AutoCAD blocks.

Besides this also the photos taken of elements in Apglos Survey Wizard are written in the exported AutoCAD file. So Apglos Survey Wizard has great compatibility with AutoCAD.

Not only a measurement app but also a GIS application

This land survey app is also a GIS application. To the layers you can add GIS attributes. GIS mapping is one of the main functionalities of this GIS app. Apglos Survey Wizard is an ideal field collector for ArcGIS, QGIS and other GIS software.

Don’t wait, just try this land survey app

There is no reason to wait. You can try this land survey app for free. Download this measurement app and GIS application in the Google Play store.


Manual of land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard

We will help you using this land survey app. That is why we have a great manual for you. Read more…

User questions answered about GIS mapping and land surveying with Apglos Survey Wizard

We are open for questions. Our users can ask them and we do answer them. Read here the answers on the most frequently asked questions.

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