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Apglos B.V. focusses on the development and improvement of GPS software. All of our software have a connection with GPS.

Apglos HST

Our main GPS software is Apglos HST. This software is a land surveying solution. Apglos HST is the easiest land survey software in the field. It is used by many governmental organisations, engineering agencies and contractors.

If you are looking for an easy to use land survey solution, then Apglos HST is your choice.

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Apglos HST

Apglos HGM

gulley management

One of our other GPS software packages is Apglos HGM. Apglos HGM is a solution for the Dutch sewerage market. This software manages the cleaning and inspection of gulleys.

It is also easy to use. Do you want to know more? Please send us an email.


Other developments

Apglos B.V. keeps on developing. New innovations in the hardware market give new possibilities for our software. New possibilities give new chances. Apglos B.V. is always looking for new chances. That is why new software will be added to this page.


Be a partner

Do you have a great idea? Does it involve GPS software? Become our partner and we can develop your idea together. Your idea in combination with our developers will be a great combination for success.

Are you interested? Please let us know.

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