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A GNSS receiver makes it possible to use our software with cm accuracy.


Our software can connect with any Bluetooth GNSS receiver. Apglos HST and our other software use NMEA strings to determine the exact position. The NMEA strings, that are used by our software, are GGA and GST. These are general NMEA strings.

Our software can connect with any NTRIP server. This way it gets the correction data. Our software sends the correction data through Bluetooth to the GNSS receiver.

Compatible GNSS receivers

When a GNSS receiver sends the NMEA strings GGA and GST and when it has a Bluetooth connection then it is compatible with Apglos HST and our other software.

Altus NR3 of Septentrio

One of the best GNSS receivers is the Altus NR3. It is very accurate. The Altus NR3 followed up the well known Altus NR2. The Altus NR3 receiver uses also Galileo and Beidou constellations. That is why the Altus NR3 is even more accurate.

We test our software with this GNSS receiver. The results are great.

SmaRTK of North

The SmaRTK of North is one of the other GNSS receivers. It is European made. The SmaRTK is rugged. It is a very strong land surveying tool. The great benefit of the SmaRTK is that it can be used in a rover-base combination.

Apglos HST has been tested with this GNSS receiver with great results.

Other GNSS receivers

Besides with the Altus NR3 and the SmaRTK our software works with other GNSS receivers of any brand. One of those brands is Leica. Another brand is Trimble. Other brands of GNSS receivers that Apglos HST is compatible with are:

  • Advanced Navigation
  • BAAM Tech
  • C-Nav
  • CHC Navigation
  • ComNav
  • CompStar
  • Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc. (Eos)
  • Forsberg Services Ltd
  • Galaxy Navigation
  • geo-FENNEL GmbH
  • Geomatics USA
  • Hemisphere GNSS
  • Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co.Ltd
  • Horizon
  • Klau Geomatics
  • Kolida Instrument Company
  • KQ GEO Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • marXact
  • Mgb-tech
  • NavCom Technology
  • NovAtelREDcatch GmbH
  • Rokubun
  • Ruide Surveying Instrument Co.,Ltd.
  • SatLab
  • Seabed
  • Settop Survey
  • Sokkia
  • Spectra Geospatial
  • Stonex srl
  • SunNav Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Suzhou FOIF
  • Swift Navigation
  • SXblue
  • Tersus GNSS
  • TI Asahi
  • Topcon
  • Trimble
  • Unicore Communications


There are many GNSS receivers. We can deliver our software together with GNSS receivers and other GNSS hardware and accessoires.

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