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We improve our software applications continously. New developments get integrated in Apglos Survey Wizard all the time.

User input

Users communicate their ideas to us. We gather all ideas and filter all good ideas. Then we brainstorm about how to integrate them well in Apglos Survey Wizard.

Main goal

Our main thought doing this, is to keep Apglos Survey Wizard easy-to-use.

Everyone should be able to use Apglos Survey Wizard, without needing a course. GPS land surveying should be only to make a bluetooth connection with a GNSS receiver and then start right away.

Apglos Survey Wizard is the only software that works like this. It is easy, simple and quick to use.

New developments

Besides the user input we have a sharp eye on the market. We see new developments in the market, but also around the market. This gives us a great advantage to add new functionality in Apglos Survey Wizard.


Apglos Survey Wizard gets improved all the time by our development team. They are great in adding the needs of the user and to keep the software simple. They can do all this in a very short amount of time. The result is that Apglos Survey Wizard gets improved lots of time. That is why there are many version updates:

Beta version

Of course we work with a beta version. Active users help us to test all new functionality and developments in the field. We use their feedback to improve Apglos Survey Wizard even more.

If you want to become a beta version user, then please contact us.

Always up-to-date

We make sure that all our users use the last version of Apglos Survey Wizard. In this way we can make sure all the users have the best user experience and that they can use all the latest functionality.

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