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Apglos HST land survey software

Apglos HST land survey software is a simple to use Android application, that in combination with a GPS antenna, a rugged tablet, a GPS pole an easy to use, but very accurate land survey instrument.

With Apglos HST points can be imported and exported. Also it can be used to do simple drafting work or calculation.

With 7 big buttons points, lines, arcs, polylines and surfaces can be surveyed but also comments and AutoCAD blocks can be placed.

The base is Google Maps, that is easy to understand and is used by almost everyone on a daily base.

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Origin of Apglos HST land survey software

The sister company of Apglos BV is Kant Engineering. Kant Engineering is a civil engineering agency. For the preparation of the construction of roads and sewerages a good knowledge of the existing situation is needed. Most of the time a land surveyor is sent to survey the terrain. Without a land survey team Kant Engineering found some problems during the times that land surveyors were hired:

  • The sceduled time and date usually didn’t fit the time scedule of the land surveyor.
  • The costs of the land surveyor were high.
  • The result was not always as desired.

Kant Engineering looked for a solution to do the land surveying themselves. After searching for a long periode no ideal solution was found. The solution had to meet the following requirements:

  • It had to be easy: everyone has to be able to import and export points
  • It has to be good: the deviations have to be registered and too big deviations should not be added to the surveying file.
  • It has to be affordable.

Kant Engineering has developed a solution that meets the requirements. It is called Apglos HST, the easiest GPS surveysoftware in the field, that functions perfectly with the hardware fro our land survey shop.

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Downloads Apglos HST

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