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To gives you all the information you need about our company we will give you answers on the most common interrogative pronouns in the world. If you want to know more and you can’t find the information you are looking for than of course you can contact us.


The directors of Apglos B.V. are sirs Raymond Woering and Hanno Kant. Further Apglos B.V. consists of a group of around 15 motivated people in the areas of sales, helpdesk, development, marketing and administration.


Apglos B.V. is established with one goal only. Everyone in Apglos B.V. is focused on this goal:

Make surveying a children’s game.

If you want us to help achieve our goal please read this.


Apglos B.V. supplies all over the world. Our focus is on the North of Europe, especially the following countries are an important market area for us:

Great Britain
The Netherlands


Our development team started in 2013 with writing the software Apglos HST, a android application that makes surveying a childrens game. After finishing the application we started a boost in requests for our hardware and software. The surveying world needs us and Apglos will forfill that need.


Raymond Woering and Hanno Kant own from 2007 the Dutch civil engineering company Kant Engineering. In that time they had lots of surveying projects but they had to rely on surveyors. To cut costs and have more control on the time schedules they wanted to start their own survey team. Unfortunately all existing survey hardware and software didn’t meet their demands: affordable, easy to work with and output directly ready for the next step in the proces. Since there was nothing they started to develop and that is the reason why Apglos B.V. is established.


How tells us about the way we do things. For the way we do things two things matter:

Everyone deserves attention so we give them the desired attention.
Our software and hardware is developed by users for users.

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