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Becoming a dealer of Apglos has many advantages.

Do you want to become a dealer of Apglos?


Increasing your market

When you are a dealer of Apglos, then you can sell all our software. One of our software packages is the easiest land surveying app in the field: Apglos HST. Apglos HST is so easy to use that everyone can do land survey with it.

This means you will increase your market. With Apglos HST land surveyment is not only for land surveyors anymore. Anyone from a engineering agency, governmental institute or contractor can do land survey with Apglos HST.

More people to sell to is more sales.

Increase market

Being a partner


A dealer of Apglos is a partner of us. You don’t only sell our GPS software, but we will support you doing so. In the events that we participate in, we are mentioning our dealers.

We give free demo licenses for demonstration purposes. Also we give you documentation like brochures and manuals to increase your sales.

Our helpdesk will help you if needed. Become a dealer of Apglos and mail us.


Start developing

Land surveyment is almost identical in every country. Other tasks are done very different. Our developers can help you to develop GPS software for a specific task in your country. It is how we developed Apglos HGM, the gulley managment software, for the Netherlands.


Be ahead of your competitors and become a dealer. Mail us.

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