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Apglos is a Dutch company. It is officially set up in 2017.


Apglos is created out of the engineering agency Kant Engineering. Kant Engineering is established in 2007. Since then this engineering agency is focussed on the preparation and design of civil engineering projects.

Land surveyment is very important in all phases of civil engineering projects. This is valid for the preparation phase, but also for the execution phase.

From the beginning Kant Engineering hired land surveyors to do all the land surveyment. By doing so some problems occurred:

  • budget overruns
  • lack of quality
  • schedule problems

To tackle these problems Kant Engineering researched the existing GPS systems. The goal was to do the land surveyment with their own personal. Unfortunately the ideal solution was not on the market yet.

That is why Kant Engineering developed this software themselves.

This software is called Apglos HST. This software fulfills the requirements:

  • Everyone has to be able to work with it
  • It has to be easy to use
  • The software has to be like Autocad
  • The software needs to have a GIS application

After using land survey software in the field a demand was created for this software. Contractors and engineering agencies wanted to work with Apglos HST. Also municipalities were interested.

The sales of Apglos HST have been separated of the engineering services. That is why Apglos is established.

For the Dutch market the website is created. This website covers the sales in The Netherlands.


Apglos focusses on the software side of GPS systems. For land surveyment and GIS application there is Apglos HST. Besides that the company developes also other software based on GPS positioning.

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