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Apglos HST is one of the best land surveying apps. It has lots of functionality and it is very easy to use.

Ease of use

The ease of use of this land surveying app is great. First of all it is an app bases on Android.

Besides that Apglos HST has big buttons for exporting points. Also is this one of the land surveying apps that is based on Google Maps. Since everyone knows Google Maps it is easy to use Apglos HST.

Besides the seven big buttons for exporting points, importing points has also been very easy with this land survey software. Apglos HST uses the sensors of the Android device to show the direction to the point that needs to be imported in the field. It shows the direction to the point no matter in what position the Android device is held.

The configuration of Apglos HST is the easiest of all land surveying apps. You only need to chose your coordinate system and to fill in the height of your GNSS receiver. After that you can start your land surveyment right away.


The functionality of many land surveying apps is limited. But with Apglos HST the functionality is huge.

Exporting points is possible with Apglos HST. Besides that also lines, arcs, polylines and surfaces can be exported. Also comments can be added in the field. It is the only land survey software that can add AutoCAD blocks to a land survey file in the field.

Also Apglos HST uses AutoCAD layers. There is no codation needed for land surveying. But you can also use Apglos HST for GIS purposes.

Besides exporting points this is one of the few land surveying apps that can import points to the field.

In the field you can do small draftingwork with Apglos. Points can be added manually. Lines and arcs can be drawn. Also polylines and surfaces can be drawn. Besides that entities can be extended and shortened. Also there is the possibility of offsetting entities.


Apglos is one of the land surveying apps that has a great compatibility with GNSS receivers. As long as the NMEA lines GGA and GST are sent through Bluetooth by the GNSS receiver Apglos HST will work. It has an excellent compatibility with GNSS receivers of brands like:

  • Leica
  • Trimble
  • Topcon
  • Septentrio
  • North
  • South

If needed we can add a GNSS receiver to Apglos HST.

Do you want to know more about this option or about land surveyings apps in general? Please let us know.

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