Apglos HST


Apglos HST is the most userfriendly surveying software in the field. All general surveying functions are integrated.

Apglos HST

With less than a 20 minute instruction you can start using this software. You don’t need more time to understand controlling this unique software.

Apglos HST can import and extract points in the field. For extracting points you only need four main buttons:

-connect to point, for drawing a line to a preselected point
-comment to add a comment to the surveying file
-block to add a AutoCAD block to the surveying file

With Apglos HST surveying happens in the layers that will be used in the following processes. All layers have their properties of color, line weight and line type. All properties are compatible with drafting software like AutoCAD and Microstation. Files can be saved in DXF-format, but also in TXT and more.

For importing points into the field controls are very easy. The demanded point gets selected from a list or by clicking the point. After selecting the point the direction is given on the screen by an arrow right away. Never has been importing points so easy.


The features of Apglos HST are:

-full surveying software
-big control buttons
-user-friendly controls
-importing and extracting of points
-drawing in the field
-use of layers like AutoCAD including linetypes, lineweights and colors


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